LED Tennis Lighting

The Scimitar High Lumen Output LED Tennis Light is the “go to” LED light fixture to replace existing high wattage systems. Where other LED fixtures on the market fail to deliver the light levels needed for high output applications. the Scimitar surpasses traditional lighting solutions and leads the LED market in output.

The heavy duty casting provides exceptional thermal control to extend LED life and makes the Scimitar the most robust, long-lasting fixture available. A corrosion-resistant E-Coat layer forms a uniform and all encompassing protective barrier ensuring the final powdercoat finish will remain top quality throughout the life of the fixture. State-of-the-art TIA optical assemblies are designed specifically for tennis court lighting. High quality LED light allows colors to appear crisper and visual acuity will be enhanced for active sports applications such as tennis courts.

The Scimitar has been tested in an independent laboratory to LM79 and LMBO test standards and is RoHS compliant. The long life LED’s are rated for over 50,000 hours of life and the fixture is backed by a
5-Year Limited Warranty.