LED Accent Spotlight


The Solar Accent Spotlight GS-150 plus four color filters are the perfect lighting solution that helps illuminate your plants, shrubs, signs, or architectural features on your home.

Installation is as simple as staking the spotlight and solar panel in a sunny spot in a garden or on a pathway, and that’s it! No electrical wiring needed.

The detachable solar panel harnesses sunlight to charge the Lithium-Ion battery packs.

At dusk, the bright-white LEDs will turn on at a brightness of 80 lumens and are designed to stay lit for eight hours when the battery has been fully charged during the day.

Our GS-150 solar garden light is constructed from rust-resistant, powder-coated cast-aluminum and the frame of the external solar panel which can be located up to 10 feet from the spotlight for maximum sun exposure is made of resin. The solar panels are protected by weather-resistant, cleanable tempered glass that helps ensure long-lasting reliability.

You can personalize the color of the accent light by inserting one of the included blue, yellow, red, or green color filters for tinted light that brings extra ambiance and variety.

The rechargeable/replaceable battery packs are good for about 1,000 charges. With proper setup for optimal sun exposure, a sunny day without cloud cover should be sufficient to provide a full recharge.

Recharging speed will vary based on weather conditions, but no charging will occur if the direct sun does not shine on the solar panel, so do not put the Premier Solar Garden lights in the shade.

Easy Solar DIY Solution: The GS-150 solar accent spotlight comes with all the hardware needed for mounting the unit anywhere you choose where ample sunshine is available

No Electrical Wiring: Zero electrical wiring is required for installation, making this outdoor solar accent light the perfect replacement solution for brightening up your walkways and pathways. Just stake the light into the ground and let the sun do the rest

Virtually Maintenance Free: Once installed, just let the sun do all the work. The only maintenance required is changing the batteries every 2 ½ – 3 years.

Maximum Sun Exposure: Our solar accent spotlight is equipped with a detachable solar panel and can be placed up to 10 feet from the spotlight for optimum sun exposure.

Personalize Your Solar Spot Light: This solar LED outdoor accent light comes with four color filters for you to choose the color of your accent light: blue, yellow, red, and green.

Specs: Measures 11“H x 3”L x 4”W this solar powered garden light is constructed of weatherproof, rust-resistant cast aluminum and the detachable solar panel frame is made of resin.

Model # GS-150
LED Color 6000K
Lumens 80
# of LEDs 1
Battery Li-ion
Voltage 3.2V
Battery Capacity 1500 mAh
Power Source Mono-Crystalline Solar Cell
Light Duration Up to 8 hours
Measurements 2.5 x 2.5 x 4.5 in