ClearWorld is working to bring the most advanced technology to cities around the country. The applications are endless and the benefits substantial. To see how our applications can make your city a smart city, hover over each tooltip.

  • Urban Areas:

    • Communications for intelligent parking
    • Infrastructure for public WiFi expansion
    • Environmental sensors
  • Retail Areas:

    • Off-grid installations to reduce development costs
    • Increased security with remote camera monitoring
    • Communications for intelligent parking
  • Parks and Campuses:

    • Security call buttons installed on poles
    • Accessible USB charging stations
    • Off-grid lighting for playgrounds and trails
  • Residential Areas:

    • Increased security with remote camera monitoring
    • AMI backhaul communications for utilities
  • Emergency Call Button – Improve public safety via pole-mounted emergency communications
  • Surveillance Cameras – multifunctional tool for law enforcement and local government
  • Plug and Play – universal ports to support emerging technologies
  • Remote Sensors – install and monitor sensors that enhance quality of life and safety in both urban and rural locations
  • Enhanced communications – expand the reach and intensity of communications through resilient power and high line of sight
  • On-Grid Power – manage solar and battery storage to optimize power exports
  • Enhanced power – with RetroFlex
  • AMI backhaul – remote power supply as the missing link to aggregate meter data
  • Real-time traffic monitoring
  • Battery Storage – Up to 80 hours of backup power adds to resiliency in cases of power outages