Heavy Duty (HD)


These portable traffic signals are perfect for more complex intersections with turn lanes.

With the HD, you can quickly have two 12” ITE approved signals in positions mandated by the MUTCD at the mere push of a button. The arm on the HD is 15’ long– long enough to make 5 section left turn signals feasible in the overhead position. It is light enough that you can tow it with a pickup truck. Because it is only 6’ wide (the narrowest in the industry), you can fit it in almost anywhere. The HD features our exclusive Intelight™ ATC controller running Maxtime™ software. Our control units communicate in real time via wireless, license-free, encrypted spread spectrum radio. The control system can easily handle 7 trailers, as well as complex phasing. It can even function as a knock-down. The HD comes standard with 500 watts of PV (adjustable on 2 axis) and 800 Ahr of AGM batteries. The HD can be optionally equipped with even more solar and battery capacity, allowing an array of additional equipment.


  • Lift Mechanism – electric over hydraulic with remote pendant, single cylinder both lifts and extends in a single movement
  • Arm Extension from side of trailer – 15′
  • 12″ RYG LED signals – ITE compliant, 1 overhead, 1 side of mast
  • 180 degree signal rotation
  • Signal Option – 12″ RYG LED signals – ITE compliant, 5 section with left turn arrows overhead, 3 section side of mast
  • Traffic control equipment – Intelight Controller – ATC with Maxtime 2070 software – EZ User Interface (Just answer 4 questions) – actuated 8 phase, dual ring, with pedestrian movements, preemption and coordination capable, knock-down capable, encrypted wireless connection between master and secondaries, real time monitoring


  • Vehicle detection option – microwave, video, loop
  • Red clearance extender option
  • Green recycle option
  • Preemption system option
  • Pilot Car remote option
  • Optional remote monitoring & programming with on-board GPS
  • Auto-start generator option
  • Work zone lighting option


  • Chassis length – 112″, removable hitch adds 56″ for a 168″ total
  • Chassis Width – 72″ – narrowest in industry
  • Travel Height – 114″ or more with solar
  • Weight with solar, batteries, and controls – 2700# (or more)
  • Clearance under arm – 17′