Knockdown (KD)


These portable traffic signals quickly replace a knocked down traffic signal.

The Knock-Down functions as an emergency replacement when a traffic pole is knocked-down in an accident at a permanent intersection. You can quickly have ITE approved signals in positions mandated by the MUTCD at the mere push of a button. It will hard-wire into the preexisting intersection wiring. It is light enough that you can tow it with a pickup truck, and because it is only 6’ wide (the narrowest in the industry), you can fit it in almost anywhere. Its arm is 9’ long, meeting the MUTCD requirements. If you have a very wide boulevard, or a left turn lane, you should consider the KD-HD version. It has a 15’ arm, and is available with an optional 5 section signal with left turns in the overhead position.


  • Lift Mechanism – electric over hydraulic with remote pendant, single cylinder both lifts and extends in a single movement
  • Arm Extension from side of trailer – 9′ (KDLD) or 15’ (KDHD)
  • 12″ RYG LED signals – ITE compliant, 1 overhead, 1 side of mast
  • 180 degree signal rotation
  • Solar trickle charger for battery maintenance – also plug-in trickle charger


  • Signal Option – 12’’ RYG LED signals – ITE compliant, 5 section with left turn arrows overhead, 3 section side of mast
  • Vehicle detection option – microwave


  • Chassis length – 112″, removable hitch adds 56″ for a 168″ total
  • Chassis Width – 72″ – narrowest in industry
  • Travel Height – 79″
  • Weight – 1800#
  • Clearance under arm – 17′