K&K Systems SPLasher Beacon Controller is a compact all-in-one solar controller with maximum power point tracking, flasher, and auto-dimmer. Its compatible with all 24-7 solar stop beacons, hazard beacons, and has a dry contact for sensor activated beacons. The switch port allows you to hook up any activation switches such as the high water level sensor, motion sensor, push button sensor, moisture sensor, or radar sensor. With the adjustable mode, you can adjust the duty cycle of the SPLasher Beacon Contoller from 90/10 to 50/50 and change the flashers to activate for 24-7, 30 minutes, 3 minutes, or 1 minute.

Examples of systems SPLasher Beacon Conrtoller could be used on: 24/7 flashing beacons, motion sensor beacons, speed violation beacons, hand held remote activation beacons, crosswalk beacons, High water level beacons, moisture activated beacons, and push button activated beacons, to just name a few.