Sign Alert Railroad Warning Sign

Our Systems’ Sign Alert™ Railroad Warning Signs are designed to warn drivers of upcoming railroad tracks and to use caution when crossing them. Whether in congested cities, or on rural and remote roadways, the ultra-bright LEDs bring the sign to life at night when drivers might not otherwise know they are approaching railroad tracks, and are visible in all weather conditions.

Sign Alert Systems operate 24 hours /7 days a week at top performance with our auto dimming and multi-stage battery charger features built into our smart controller. Our Sign Alert Systems have multiplee options availablle to enhance their performance and to increase safety.

    • Simple installation
    • Solar powered
    • Visible day and night
    • Super bright LEDs
    • Compact battery box
    • Ultra slim design
    • Automatic light output for maximum efficiency
    • Weather proof enclosure


Solar Powered

With solar technology, this system can virtually be placed anywhere of the grid. With the “o the shelf” battery and smart controller housed behind the solar panel, installation is a snap.

Reflective Sign

High intensity signage and MUTCD compliant. Can be upgraded to Diamond Grade.

Ultra-Bright LEDs

Our ultra bright LEDs are one of the brightest in the industry and are completely weather proof. The LEDs will adjust brightness according to available light in order to conserve energy and battery life and maximize brightness.

  • All controls hidden behind solar panel
  • Off the shelf battery
  • Smart controller
  • Maximum power point tracking
  • Light weight design
  • Multi-stage battery charger

Optional Upgrades

Radar Detector : to activate the Sign Alert’s LEDs only when traffic is approaching the sign.

Diamond Grade Sheeting: for optimal reectivity.

Additional LEDs: to increase sign’s brightness and eectiveness, increase the number of LEDs from six to ten.

LED Beacon: to increase visibility and create awareness, add an LED beacon above the sign.