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TS&L can help you find solutions to speeding problems , also see how light
towers can provide safe environments for different types of scenarios.



Faster does not mean safer! According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2018 speeding killed 9378 people. We all have busy lives, juggling to get from one place to another. Learn about some speeding facts and how speed limits and technology must be put into place to protect ALL road users.


Speeding Facts

  • Speeding is one of the top causes of car accidents. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, it is one of the most common traffic violations on todays street.
  • Police officers issue speeding tickets more than any other violation.
  • Speed management involves applying enforcement efforts and appropriate technology that effectively target crash producing speeders and deter speeding.

Light Towers

Light towers are a light source to keep public events safe. They can also be used for emergency response and can be portable which has proven to be valuable to police and fire rescue.


Effectiveness of Radar Signs

  • Radar Signs Provide Immediate Feedback
  • Radar Signs Provide Personalized Feedback
  • Radar Speed Signs Reduce Distracted Driving ( Distraction contributes to 25% of all motor accidents)
  • Radar speed signs help to change driver behavior by resisting to habituation. We tend to be on auto pilot unless we see a change a sign flashing on the road.

Studies show radar speed signs reduce speeding by 5-10%  ( Dr. Berkely PH.D)

Police officers and safety experts rate radar speed signs as the number one tool for producing an immediate and long lasting reduction in speeding.