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Chevron Warning Systems

Sequential Chevron Warning systems are the ideal MUTCD Compliant solution being deployed on roads and highways that have the potential for crashes resulting from vehicle lane departures.

Most chevron-related injuries and fatal crashes involve single vehicles leaving the roadway and striking fixed obstacles. The greatest number of fatalities don’t necessarily occur on highways but rather occur on rural county or urban conventional roads.

Our Sequential Chevron System is engineered to give drivers a higher level of visual guidance when approaching these chevron. This is being successfully accomplished through an Effective 15° Angularity.

Multiple chevron signs in a single location are configured in a single wireless network and flash sequentially in the direction of traffic.

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All SignAlert™ Warning and Chevron components are designed to easily adapt and mount to existing infrastructure … including existing signage.

One-piece hermetically sealed LED flasher plate providing the ultimate protection against the elements.

Full-length flasher plate made of .080″ 5052 highway grade aluminum and powder coated black for long-term durability.


80 LEDs on an 18×24 W1-8 Chevron
112 LEDs on a 24×30 W1-8 Chevron
128 LEDs on a 30×36 W1-8 Chevron
160 LEDs on a 36×48 W1-8 Chevron

High-Quality LEDs rated for 100,00 hours

1,000,000 millicandella total sign output (nominal daylight maximum)

LEDs specifically wired in string to activate simultaneously (required by the MUTCD)

All LEDs will continue to flash in the event of an individual LED failure


Lightning Fast Installation

Less planning, more warning- our Chevron Warning System retrofits to the existing signs and infrastructure on the road. Go live in a hurry with installation as easy as installing the signs you’re enhancing.

We’ve taken care of the MUTCD compliance- our flash patterns, sequencing, and illumination technique are truest to the intent of the standards.

We offer a variety of solar engines integrated with our controlling hardware onboard, all engineered in house with uncompromising specs that balance cost, reliability, and efficiency.

Incredible Specs

  • Intelligent Solar Charging to maximize available sunlight
  • 3000′ Wireless Collaboration for nearly endless sequencing around any Chevron
  • Ultra dense LED panel maintains MUTCD Chevron shape even if LEDs are damaged
  • Solar engine, flashing control, collaborating radio all unified in a single box
  • Full configuration utility accessible via Wi-Fi, no download required

The SignAlert™ Chevron Warning System is engineered for ease-of-use and ultimate reliability. Where applicable, all electronics are hermetically sealed to maximize weather resistance exceeding a Nema 4X rating

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