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AutoVu LPR 2 Piece Pole

2 Piece Pole with Coupler and Cap

Designed to work with Genetec ™ AutoVu Cloudrunner ™ LPR Camera Make your installations quick and easy.

Easy installation.

Step 1- Excavate hole at 30” depth at least 8” in diameter using an auger or post hole digger. Set pole level, plumb and apply quick-setting concrete for reinforcement. Let dry for 1 hour.

Step 2- Assemble camera and solar panel and affix to pole in the proper orientation for the solar facing south-southwest and the camera to be aligned appropriately to the roadway.

Step 3-Once the concrete has dried, set top portion of pole into receiver/coupler and use bolts to secure.

Step 4- Refer to the Autoview CloudrunnerTM installation manual for commissioning and activation.

Product Specifications:

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