Radar-Speed Signs

Traffic calming

Traffic calming in locations where vehicles regularly travel at unsafe speeds

  • Configurable settings
  • Choice of sizes and mounting options
  • Battery or AC powered
  • Optional 365-day timer

Commonly deployed in school zones, construction areas, high‑accident areas and neighborhoods, Wanco speed signs provide a strong measure of traffic calming unmatched by other roadway signs. With a radar-triggered display, bright LED characters flash a vehicle’s excessive speed, thereby encouraging the motorist to slow down.

Wanco radar-speed signs feature configurable settings and input for auxiliary equipment, such as caution beacons. Above the user-configured speed setting, the sign flashes the motorist’s speed. At excessive speeds, the sign flashes a user-selected message. Below the speed limit, the display remains blank.

Displays are available with either 13- or 26-inch characters. Both sizes can display two characters for miles per hour and three characters for kilometers per hour. Optical lenses and sun shades over bright LED characters produce superior visibility.

Pole-mount kits provide advanced speed-display in an easy-to-use, fixed-mount system. A typical configuration includes the speed display, a control box, battery box, solar panel, and all necessary wiring. A regulatory speed limit sign is optional, as are a variety of auxiliary devices.

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Sign specifications

Small large sign
Large sign                   Small sign


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