Radar-Speed Trailers with Large Full-Matrix Display

Wanco® Radar-Speed Signs slow traffic and save lives

  • Bold, highly visible, 26-inch LED numbers
  • Selectable speed settings
  • Streamlined see-through design
  • Regulatory speed limit sign with changeable numbers
  • Energy-efficient operation for long run times
  • Wanco® Radar-Speed Trailers feature the largest portable speed sign available today. The giant LED display shows vehicle speed in bold 26-inch characters that are highly visible, warning motorists to slow down by flashing their excessive speed.

    Often deployed in school zones, work zones and high-incident areas, these signs provide a degree of traffic calming unmatched by other roadway signs. Formal studies have shown that speeding drivers respond by slowing down to legal limits when their actual speed is displayed on an electronic sign.

    Studies also indicate that some drivers “test” radar-based speed displays by driving very fast. To address this danger, Wanco speed signs do not display excessive speed, but instead employ a full-matrix display to flash a message or symbol at drivers, to indicate they are going much too fast.

    The selectable excessive-speed message flashes slow down or any of several preconfigured graphical symbols, together with optional red-and-blue or white flashing lights. The display can show vehicle speed in miles per hour (one or two digits) or kilometers per hour (up to three digits).

    A regulatory sign above the display features changeable speed-limit numbers for easy setup in any speed zone. The electronic display includes visors and shades for superior visibility. Trailers feature a see-through design that puts pedestrians and workers in view, improving their safety.

  • Four Trailer Sizes with multiple R2-1 sign sizes

    Compact Trailer for neighborhoods and low speeds
    Vertical Trailer for viewing over barriers
    Folding-Frame Trailer for large roadways
    Large Folding-Frame Trailer for high speeds
    Regulatory sign sizes from 24×30 up to 48×60

  • Compact Speed Trailer
    Compact Speed Trailer
  • Vertical-Mast Speed TrailerVertical-Mast Speed Trailer
  • Folding-Frame Speed TrailerFolding-Frame Speed Trailer
  • Optional Touchscreen Controller

    Touchscreen controller
    Red-and-blue or white flashers
    Flashing beacons
    Traffic Data Classifier System
    Modem/GPS package
    High-security battery box
    Wheel-lock bar
    Additional batteries and solar

  • Optional Touchscreen Controller* Wanco’s full-color touchscreen controller provides access to all speed sign functions. Widely known as the industry’s easiest to use, features include capacitive response, large virtual buttons and easy message setup.

    *Standard speed signs have an analog controller; the touchscreen is an optional upgrade. When a speed trailer is ordered from the factory with the Wanco Data Classifier System, the touchscreen controller is included.

    Touchscreen Features
    Capacitive touchscreen with instantaneous response
    Single-press to access most common settings
    Change settings and view system status from main screen
    Set any speed and excessive speed independently
    Display vehicle speeds or messages
    Choose from preprogrammed messages or create your own custom messages
    Internal clock facilitates built-in schedule programming
    Set up connected devices, including the Wanco Traffic Data Classifier System, described below
    Multi-level password protection restricts access to authorized personnel
    Main screen shows message on sign, speed settings, radar and classifier status
    Access system information, power levels, active alarms and system settings from main screen
    Turn connected devices on and off, including radar, classifier and beacons

  • Optional Traffic Data Classifier System
    The Wanco Traffic Data Classifier System provides a safe, nonintrusive method for monitoring and analyzing traffic patterns. Instead of wires, loops or hoses, the data collector uses its own dedicated side-fire radar, which beats standard front‑facing radar for capturing vehicle count, speed, direction and length (for classification) in both directions, with time and date. The system includes analytic graphing software for charting data with ease.

    When integrated with any Wanco Radar-Speed Trailer, the data collector draws power from the speed trailer. The two systems can operate simultaneously or independently. The system also includes the touchscreen controller described above.

    Classifier System Features
    Tool for traffic engineers to analyze traffic patterns
    Investigate and validate complaints from citizens, neighborhoods and contractors
    Planners can back up needs and recommendations with real data
    Radar-based design is less dangerous to install than loops and hoses
    Most effective for two-lane roads
    Counts both approaching and departing vehicles
    Side-fire radar system captures vehicle count, speed, direction and length
    Registers millions of vehicles in internal memory
    Remote data download with optional modem installed

  • Data Classifier System

    Wanco Traffic Analyzer
    Wanco Traffic Analyzer app included with system
    App installs on user-supplied computer
    Create and manage multiple projects at once
    Name projects and add details and notes when needed
    Analytic graphing charts vehicle count vs. speed, volume over time, and means & percentiles for easy analysis
    Filter data as desired
    Fully interactive graphs can be customized for your requirements
    Export graphs in common file formats

  • Large Folding-Frame
    Large Folding-Frame Speed Trailer with optional flashing beacons
  • Trailer Size Comparison

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