Variable Speed-Limit Trailers

Change speed limits locally or remotely, in real time, based on actual road conditions

  • Portable self-powered system
  • Extra-large electronic display
  • Selectable LED speed numbers
  • Display speed in black-on-white or white-on-black
  • Remotely accessible and changeable with Wanco 4G modem

Speed-limit sign
Speed-limit sign in Wanco Fleet Manager

Manage traffic more effectively with Wanco Variable Speed-Limit Trailers. Change displayed speed limits in response to current conditions without adding infrastructure.

Variable speed limit signs provide dynamically changeable speed limit notification to motorists on a brightly lit, highly visible LED display. Wanco Variable Speed Limit Trailers add flexibility to this strategy, being both portable and self-powered. They are easy to deploy and require no permanent installation or wiring. Power is provided by batteries that are charged by an automated solar charging system.

Wanco Variable Speed-Limit Trailers display a changeable speed limit on a sign that mimics the look of a regulatory speed limit sign. Two sign sizes are available. The display is capable of showing white numbers on a black background and black numbers on a white background, two digits for mph and three digits for km/h. Automatic dimming helps to ensure long run times. Options include the Wanco 4G modem for remote communications, flashing beacons, Wanco Radar for speed detection, and the Wanco Traffic Data Classifier System.

When deployed on highways and other high-speed arterials as a component of an active traffic management (ATM) system, the transportation department can change the displayed speed remotely or at the sign. Update the displayed speed in real time to accommodate changes in conditions due to weather, incidents, work zone activity and other traffic events using the Wanco Fleet Manager service or an ATM system. Broadcast capability is built in.

To see the Wanco Variable Speed-Limit Trailer, call 800.972.0755 or visit wanco.com

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