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Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon

HAWK (Solar Powered High-Intensity Activated CrossWalK)

ELTEC’s innovative, state-of-the-art Mikrós EIC (ELTEC Intelligent Controller) provides a low-powered DC controller solution for solar powered hybrid beacon systems.

When a traffic signal is not justified under MUTCD signal warrants or a decision is made not to install a traffic control signal, a pedestrian hybrid beacon should be considered to facilitate pedestrian crossings. The HAWK is a special type of hybrid beacon used to warn and control traffic at marked, unsignalized crosswalks to assist pedestrians crossing a street or highway.

The MUTCD standards (Chapter 4F 2009 Edition) require:

  • Two Beacon Faces for Each Approach (minimum requirement)
  • Pedestrian Signal Head (WALK / DON’T WALK) at Each End of Crosswalk (countdown timer optional)
  • System / Crossing Pedestrian Activated

Fearures and Benefit

Solar Powered

  • Customized solar sizing: ensures sufficient power in winter months
  • Eliminates electric utility connection and service
  • Eliminates power interruptions
  • Virtually no maintenance or operational costs
  • Maintenance-free AGM battery performs better in cold climates
  • Low Voltage, Low Wattage Signal Heads
  • DC pedestrian head with countdown timer
  • LEDs consume no more than 5 watts

Flexible System: Tailored for Project Requirements

  • Solar panels: site-specific mounting options
  • Available in AC or solar powered
  • Pedestrian push button: brand flexibility

25 Month System Warranty


Product Description

Texas A&M Transportation Institute found:

  • A 96% stop rate for drivers stopping at activated beacons
  • No issue of drivers stopping on dark (inactive) beacons
  • 91% of pedestrians crossing the street at PHB locations pushed the buttons to activate the device.

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