Top Five Things To Look For When Working With Transportation And Infrastructure Lighting Provider

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Top Five Things to Look for When Working With Transportation and Infrastructure Lighting Provider

As a company, we are fortunate that our work consists of a variety of residential and commercial projects in which we provide safe transportation, traffic and rail solutions to our customers. While many companies went through many changes during the pandemic, we were lucky enough to have kept all our contracts and employees without making significant changes to our work flow. We filled orders and completed contracted work in a timely fashion being loyal and committed to our customers.

If you are looking to work with a dedicated company that can assist and manage projects related to lighting, safety, transportation, traffic or rail we are your solution. Below are the top five characteristics that we pride ourselves in when it comes to partnering with any customers to complete a successful job!

1. Professionalism
TS&L is a team that shows promptness, attention to detail, attention to timelines and deadlines when working on any projects for their customers. The superlative professionalism of the TS&L team can be seen in the relationships they have with their customers. The team is respected, loyal and undeniably exudes first in class professionalism.

2. Industry knowledge
If you have ever worked with a team that has to figure things out as they go along, you will know that this can be very frustrating. In order to have projects run smoothly, you need to partner with a team that has superior industry knowledge to avoid any kind of complications or unexpected changes with your projects. When partnering with TS&L you can be confident they have more than enough industry knowledge to help you with your project.

3. Industry Experience
Other than having a lot of industry knowledge, TS&L has over 25 years of industry experience in supplying world class roadway, and railway signal equipment as well as solar powered lighting. Having had many projects and dealings with cities, TS&L knows how to overcome any challenge. Relevant work performance and experience directly correlates with successful project outcomes and the development of long lasting relationships with customers.

4. Positive attitude
A positive attitude can affect your projects favorably in many ways. If you work with someone that dwells on problems and difficulties this can be a challenge in completing your project efficiently. Therefore, it is very important to work with a company like TS&L that keeps a positive attitude through any type of situation that may arise. TS&L’s motto is optimism because it’s easy to be negative, it’s easy to complain and dwell on the bad things that happen. At TS&L they are NOT negative. TS&L works to stay positive and optimistic because they believe that this builds great character and with this, their teams stands above all the rest.

5. Proficient communicator
Communication is a skill that is very important for every company to have, unfortunately not all companies have it. At TS&L they believe communication is the key to achieving goals. The company freely communicates ideas through email, phone calls, site visits or whatever is needed to share information. TS&L will not leave their customers in a black hole to try and figure out what is going on with their project. They know that the key to success is to provide as much information as they can to their customers.

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