Intracoastal Radar Driver Feedback Signs By Transportation Solutions and Lighting, Inc.

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Intracoastal Radar Driver Feedback Signs - Blog by Transportation Solutions and Lighting, Inc.

The Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) is a 3,000-mile (4,800 km) inland waterway along the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts of the United States, running from Boston, southward along the Atlantic Seaboard and around the southern tip of Florida, then following the Gulf Coast to Brownsville, Texas.

This route is used by boaters all through the year. As part of the Police Departments’, Public Works’, and Traffic Divisions’ effort to make the waterways safer, Radar Driver Feedback Signs were installed. 

At Transportation Solutions and Lighting, Inc., we are incredibly proud to be part of this movement to make the waterways safer, especially in the SE Florida area and around Deerfield Beach. 

The radar signs we provided are mounted to poles along the Intracoastal Waterway and we are the first firm to provide such a unique concept to help boost the safety quotient for everyone using the waterways.

For boaters using the waterway in SE Florida, the Intracoastal Radar Driver Feedback Signs aim to give boaters speed feedback to reduce speeding, increase safety, and make our communities safer for boaters. 

If you’re planning to make the route or road in your area safer, reach out to Transportation Solutions and Lighting, Inc or email us at

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