Common Mistakes People Make With Solar Products

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Solar power is quickly becoming the go-to energy choice for homeowners across the country who want to help the planet (and save a few dollars). As with any popular trend, some people approach this energy source from the wrong angle, costing them time and money along the way. To help you avoid some basic errors that could prove to be costly, Transportation Solutions and Lighting, Inc has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make with solar products. 

1. Getting the orientation wrong
A common mistake that is made when installing solar products is the orientation of the solar panel and also the sun exposure. Solar products should always be placed with full sun exposure, and the panel should be slightly angled facing south. It is vital for the solar charging system to get a full charge during the day for the system to operate throughout the night.

2. Digging without proper utility locates performed
Before you break ground for a new solar product in your area, you need to accurately locate buried utilities to avoid risking outages and prevent potential injuries and fatalities. It is vital to know any and all pipes/wires prior to excavation. It can be a very expensive lesson to learn. If you don’t find out exactly what’s underground before you dig, you may find out the hard way by cutting an electrical, gas, or water line.

3. Choosing the company off of low price only
Many agencies tend to go for the low bid and, rightfully so, get the lowest quality service and products. When considering a company to provide services and products, a full comprehensive evaluation should be done. Separate the quality from the cowboys and protect your investment. 

4. Using low-cost materials and products
If a product or material is priced significantly less, there is a reason. For instance, MUTCD signs should be High Intensity or Diamond Grade, which will withstand the elements for years and retain their reflectivity. We see faded signs all the time, and they are not only an eyesore but they are a major safety hazard.

5. Perform DIY installations 
Our customers commonly think that they can perform their own installations and do not follow our instructions. When setting poles, you need to consider the wind loads, soil conditions, and the load of the materials being installed on the pole. We see poles leaning and signs hanging improperly all the time.

6. Choosing the wrong type of light
There is a wide range of LED lights, and they come in all different intensities and colors. We tend to see areas that are either way too bright or the opposite way too dim. Before installing any lights, there should be a goal of delivering light output (foot candles), and the color temperature of the light should be taken into effect as well.

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the experts at Transportation Solutions and Lighting, Inc. We pride ourselves on supplying our customers with the highest quality products and providing them with everything they need to make safer roadways, railways, workplaces, and neighborhoods. Our mission is to provide the highest level of quality and service to our customers in a sustainable and environmentally beneficial way. We offer products like lighting, police/ fire department, safety, and emergency, school, rail, signs, trailers, work zone, traffic, private community/ HOA, radar display signs, and recycled rubber products. 

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