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Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon - Blog by Transportation Solutions and Lighting, Inc.

A pedestrian crossing a busy roadway without the protection of a traffic signal can be a precarious situation. So as a means to improve pedestrian visibility and safety, the Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) provides awareness to motorists that a pedestrian is present. It allows for a dramatically safer mid-block crossing by increasing driver awareness about pedestrians. This beacon improves safety and reduces crashes between vehicles and pedestrians at uncontrolled, marked crosswalks.

At Transportation Solutions and Lighting, Inc., we offer a broad range of roadway signal equipment and solutions to create safer roadways, railways, workplaces, and neighborhoods. The RRFB is one new system designed to elevate awareness and provide safety for pedestrians at mid-block crossings. Keep reading to know more.

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon or RRFB

This device includes two rectangular-shaped yellow indications, each with an LED-array-based light source, that flash with high frequency when activated. The RRFB design differs from the standard flashing beacon by utilizing a different shape, a much faster rapid-pulsing flash rate, and brighter light intensity.

Pedestrians, motorists, municipalities, schools, universities, hospitals, the general public, and EVERYONE using roads benefit from RRFB! It is simple to use, and once activated, the beacons begin to flash to notify drivers that someone is about to use the crosswalk.

Through the multi-string LED configuration design and permanently sealed electronics, our RRFB will maintain MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) standards for brightness even if one or two vertical LED strings are damaged through vandalism. Additionally, these systems are very easy to install and program, which means they can be set up in no time.

From the ease of use to the ease of installation, the RRFB is solar-powered and is relatively inexpensive. And all in all, the Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon is very effective!

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