How This New Traffic Device Could Help You

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In an endeavor to reduce traffic congestion and provide more safety for both pedestrians and motorists, NoTraffic’s state of the art intelligent video detection devices have recently been introduced in major US cities.

NoTraffic is the world’s first autonomous traffic management platform, and utilizes video and radar to provide 99.99% accurate detection. In addition, it utilizes an artificial intelligence engine along with smart sensors to provide real time traffic management and optimization. NoTraffic systems digitize road infrastructure management and empower cities to manage their entire grid at the push of a button.

How it works:

  • Plug and play AI sensors provide a human-eye-level view of approaching road users.
  • Essential data of all road users get processed in the cloud in real-time.
  • The device reduces delays by optimizing traffic signals at the city grid level.

The No-Traffic Detection System can reduce traffic by up to 40%, which opens up a whole host of opportunities and benefits to the general public and anyone who drives a car.

So if you’re interested in installing No-Traffic Detection Systems in the Southeastern United States, get in touch with Transportation Solutions and Lighting, Inc. today.

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