How To Slow Down Vehicles And Bring Safety And Awareness To Motorists

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How to Slow Down Vehicles and Bring Safety and Awareness to Motorists by Transportation Solutions and Lighting, Inc.

With the fast pace of today’s traffic, it is vital that everyone is aware of the risks to avoid road accidents. Road safety education is vital for individuals of all ages, especially those capable of using roads. As a responsible citizen, you should be aware of each and every rule of the road. Moreover, observation is the key skill you need to develop to ensure road safety.

As a roadway and railway signal equipment company in Florida, we want to do our part in creating road safety awareness. As a result, Transportation Solutions and Lighting Inc. has explained some common problems faced by drivers and pedestrians on the road and how to combat these issues.

1. Speeding vehicles
Not only is speeding dangerous to drivers, but it also poses the potential of serious injury and even death to children and pedestrians in the area. Slow traffic is great for encouraging street life, but it’s also good for motorists, believe it or not. Slower traffic results in fewer accidents. Installing traffic calming devices such as driver feedback signs help to slow down speeding vehicles considerably. The driver feedback signs use a variety of radar-based signages to alert drivers of their speed. Most modern speed feedback signs show the road’s permissible speed limit along with a flashing and bright light to show their speed under it. These signs are almost impossible to overlook, and most drivers respond immediately and slow down. LED flashing signs are another effective way to get the attention of a speeding driver. Lastly, even speed humps, bumps, or cushions are very good as everyone knows the sight of an upcoming speed hump (or the uncomfortable feeling when they miss the warnings).

2. Unsafe pedestrian crossings
Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) are traffic safety warning devices that use LED lights to emit rapid flashing (wig-wag) lights to alert drivers of the presence of pedestrians in the crosswalk. It is important to know that RRFBs are not traffic control devices but are advanced safety features that help pedestrians alert motorists to their presence within the crosswalk. The lights are activated by pushing a button and are used by the pedestrian as they begin to cross the roadway. Pedestrians are expected to wait until there is a sufficient gap in traffic before entering the crosswalk. The LED lights are designed to allow enough time for the pedestrians to completely cross the roadway.

3. Inefficient traffic control at intersections
In cities, where the number of vehicles continuously increases faster than the traffic infrastructure to support them, congestion is a difficult issue to deal with, and it becomes even worse in case of car accidents. In this context, modern societies can rely on traffic management systems to minimize traffic congestion and its negative effects. Traffic management systems are composed of a set of application and management tools to improve the overall traffic efficiency and safety of the transportation systems. Cities need to utilize the technology and detection equipment available to create efficient intersections and thus encourage better traffic flow and shorter travel times.

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