The Famous Georgia State University chooses National Safety Systems a division of Transportation Solutions & Lighting, to supply and install K1 Knightscope Blue Light Towers at their downtown Atlanta Campus.

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The Famous Georgia State

National Safety Systems (NSS), a division of Transportation Solutions & Lighting (TS&L), the Southeastern leader, supplier, and integrator of blue Light towers and campus safety systems, announced today that it has secured an ongoing contract to supply, install and maintain over 50 K1 Knightscope Blue Light Tower emergency devices and callboxes throughout Georgia State Universities Downtown Atlanta Campus. Georgia State, known to offer one of the most enriched academic experiences since 1913, has one of the nation's most diverse student bodies. The 100-plus-acre campus in the heart of America offers access to major attractions, industries, and city opportunities. Georgia State University provides associate to graduate-level educational opportunities for tens of thousands across its downtown Atlanta campus and five Perimeter College campuses.

NSS/TS&L is extremely proud that Georgia State has chosen our company to equip the downtown Atlanta campus with our state-of-the-art emergency blue light towers and call boxes. Our systems allow anyone to call for help when and where it is needed, regardless of power or location. Our team specializes in ANY specific locations, meeting anyone's needs for a safer environment in a sustainable way. Joe Hunter, director of engineering and integration comments, " As our customer list continues to grow rapidly over the last 3 years, we are overly excited about this project and installation as this great Georga State University is located in downtown Atlanta. The terrain and logistics will be more challenging as this downtown urban campus is different from our typical campus installation. However, proudly we are known throughout the southeast for our best-in-class concrete work, and tower and call box integration, and my team and I are greatly looking forward to this upcoming project".

TS&L/NSS strongly believes that technology improves school safety. Our technology can allow for better coverage, better access, and better cost control in maintaining campus safety. NSS/TS&L's mission is to provide the highest level of quality and service to their customers, in a sustainable and environmentally beneficial way. NSS/TSL believes in outstanding customer service, innovative products from reputable manufactures, strong customer relations based on trust, and complete satisfaction guaranteed. For more information or to request an onsite demonstration, please see their Safety and Emergency.