Coconut Creek, Florida - Transportation Solutions & Lighting awarded contract for CASE emergency warning blue light towers at Louisiana State University

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Awarded for Supply Emergency Blue Light Towers - Press Release by Transportation Solutions and Lighting, Inc.

Transportation Solutions & Lighting has been awarded the contract to supply and install CASE emergency warning blue light towers at the renowned Louisiana State University, New Orleans campus. Louisiana State University (LSU) is among many universities concerned about school safety, as safety concerns are rapidly evolving and changing. School violence, theft of students' devices, unidentified persons on campus, weather emergencies, and student injuries are all situations that need immediate reaction from security and law enforcement. Our blue light towers allow for one-touch reporting of incidents that notifies police and emergency officials immediately. Schools are commonly short on funding, so they utilize their funding by hiring school security staffing and school safety agents. Our blue light towers solve the problem of having ongoing expenses of using resource officers every hour of every day.

The blue light towers are an absolutely wireless, solar-powered solution that enhances campus security without negatively impacting the environment. Our customers are pleased with the simplicity of installation, low maintenance, automatic self-diagnostic reports, and superior customer service. TS&L is proud to stand behind a product that provides savings on infrastructure costs and enhances reliability. TS&L strongly believes that technology improves school safety. Our technology can allow for better coverage, better access, and better cost control in maintaining campus safety.

"It's such an honor to be selected by this wonderful University, and it will play such an important role in keeping the community safe," says Kortney Bacchus, Operations Manager at Transportation Solutions and Lighting. Kortney adds, "While LSU reviewed all manufacturers of blue light tower product lines, they chose CASE & TS&L due to our unmatched quality, reliability, advanced technology, and first-class service, which no other manufacturer & integrator can provide. What is also unique about this project is that LSU's new blue light towers will be the school's color of LSU purple color, which we were more than happy to customize for them."

Transportation Solutions & Lighting's mission is to provide the highest level of quality and service to our customers in a sustainable and environmentally beneficial way. We pride ourselves with best in class products available through our successful partnerships with reputable manufacturers. All of our projects and service come with 100 percent customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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