NoTraffic and TS&L continue expansion in Florida.

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Today marks the completion of the latest of numerous NoTraffic Traffic Management and Detection Systems deployments in Florida. NoTraffic is leading the way with their extremely accurate detection platform, utilizing artificial intelligence to improve efficiency and safety at the intersection level. With the population of Florida growing at such a high rate, and development booming, the need to make our roads more efficient and safer is of the utmost importance. NoTraffic is changing the way that traffic is being managed, with their smart sensors and control units that communicate with other connected intersections and vehicles. The possibilities are endless for this future proof platform, and NoTraffic is constantly innovating to provide solutions-based products for the ever-evolving traffic industry.

Don’t believe me? See it for yourself here:

In addition, NoTraffic has been named Top 5 IoT Start Up Companies in 2023 seen here: NoTraffic Recognized as Top IoT Startup of 2023 by Analytics Insight®️ – DB Group Investments (

TS&L integrates and supports traffic management systems for city, county and state agencies. We recognize the importance of an accurate traffic detection system to improve on safety and efficiency. “The future of the traffic industry is moving forward with hyper-speed thanks to companies like NoTraffic, and from all of us here at TS&L, we are proud to partner with such an outstanding enterprise.” Says Bradford Berner, VP of Sales with TS&L

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